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The other day I had all my Magnetic Poetry tiles laid out before me hoping that I'd be inspired to write a new poem. I stared at my blank cookie sheet for quite awhile when I was happily interrupted by a call from a friend. I told her of my writer's block and she suggested that I close my eyes, point to a tile on one of my surrounding cookie sheets (there are many, I must confess) and choose a word to use for a writing prompt. After we finished our phone call, I took her suggestion a wee bit further and blindly selected a few words. My imagination took off.

The photo below depicts the resulting poem, Still Not the Ocean. With closed eyes, the words my finger pointed to were still, protect, dance, peach, green, use and metaphor.

Today, with the Moon in Pisces and the Sun in Aquarius, I wanted to share this particular poem. The sign of Pisces governs the ocean, art and poetry while Aquarius embraces that which is artistic and unique.

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When did I pass from crowned to crone

My subsequent value overthrown

Searching for meaning, thirsty for care

I must be invisible, no one is aware

They've abandoned my past, no future assured

No hint of a promise, no hope for reward

There's smoke on the mirror, no life in the wine

The clocks have stopped ticking, I can't see the time

A new age is dawning, I cannot deny

I try to fit in, somehow I get by

Yet whatever it's worth in this day and time

What I remember I'll treasure in kind

Our youth, an illusion, this truth I have seen

Whether maiden or mother, pray God save your queen

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