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Is It Just Me?

Is it just me or is life markedly more difficult to navigate right now? I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to create something new...a blog post, a poem, an e-mail, a simple thank you note...only for my desires to be squelched by whatever is going on in the world or even in my tiny corner of it. Whether it's the gravity of war or the bittersweet memories that puncture my heart every February, I've been brought to my knees. Always praying, but today I'm able to crawl forward a bit.

Is it just me or are you also afraid to be yourself these days because the world is now telling you in so many new words that today, you are not as acceptable as you were yesterday? If you know me personally, you know I love everyone...even the people who are difficult to love. I choose to love them because they need love even more. But the more I read and hear out loud, it seems "love and prayers" are not enough anymore.

Since when? I wouldn't be here without another human being(s)' love and prayers. It was love and prayers that got me through the deaths of my parents. It was love and prayers that got me through a divorce, breast cancer and other personal losses. It was also love and prayers that brought me to love again, that gave me the confidence to write and publish a book, and realize even the smallest victories. Love and prayers make me resilient. Love and prayers keep me crawling forward.

As someone who needs to express themselves regularly, whether it's on the printed page or in a Facebook post, I'm increasingly editing myself because I'm afraid that my good intentions will be misread. (If this blog post gets published without multiple edits, I'll be surprised.) Here's an example: If I refer to someone as "she" and I don't personally know that this person has chosen to not identify with either gender, these days I'm publicly shamed for using the wrong pronoun or I'm lumped in with a group of people who are not progressive enough. An innocent mistake on my part perhaps, but suddenly there are new rules and I broke one. Here's another example: If I wish you Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas, I'm ridiculed because I didn't say Merry Christmas. Really? Yes, really.

When did needing to know someone's personal preferences become more important than the good intentions with which the original comment or wish was made?

Is it just me or do many people think if only someone else was in charge, we wouldn't be experiencing so much strife? Whether it's rising gas prices, global warming or the possibility of a nuclear war...what good is it placing blame on one person or one political party or "New Age thought" for that matter? Do we not see how naming and blaming just adds fuel to the proverbial fire?

Do we not see that we share the same Sun, Moon and stars?

Belittling others, shaming others, hating others is not helpful. Period. If you want to be helpful, then help somebody...anybody...everybody. If you want to donate to help those suffering in Europe right now, do it. Every little bit counts. If you want to help people that are suffering here, do that. This world needs our help...every corner of it.

Everything matters...whether you give money, time or yes, just your love and prayers, it all matters. YOU matter, I matter. We matter together. No need to stick a label on it...that only keeps us further apart.

Please...please...please...choose to do something nice for someone today...say thank you, offer a compliment, pay for someone else's coffee. These aren't new ideas, but they are still good ideas. If you want peace on Earth, then BE that peace you so desire.

Peace and Love to you all,


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