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It's not me, it's Mercury Retrograde

Yesterday, I was running late for an appointment. Thanks, Mercury Retrograde! I tend to drive too fast...ask my of course, I got stuck behind a someone driving...very...very...slowly. This person was having a Sunday drive on a Wednesday and it was downright maddening!

The car was an older model, probably 1990s, but looked to be in showroom condition. This massive automobile was a "boat," as we called big cars of that era, its full size stature a bit intimidating to its more compact cousins.

I must confess, I had to do a little tailgating to see just what kind of car it was. Inching closer, I saw that the big beige boat in front of me was a Mercury Grand Marquis. A classic! Side note: Back in the 80s, I wrecked into the back of a Grand Marquis. My Chevy Cavalier was totaled. The other car? Nary a scratch.

I laughed out loud realizing that this slow going Mercury automobile was driving me crazy not unlike the planet Mercury, also testing my patience for the past couple of weeks as it retraces its path in the sky.

Thankfully, the Grand Marquis turned left on 13th Street which was lucky for me because I made it to my appointment with a few minutes to spare.

Astrology geek that I am, when I got home, I checked my Astro Gold software to determine Mercury's position in the sky at the time of my encounter. I discovered that the planet was at none other than 13 degrees.

13th Street. 13 degrees. Not a coincidence. Life on Earth is a reflection of what's happening in the celestial realm. And sometimes, if you're lucky, you get proof.

In case you also experience mischief and mayhem during Mercury Retrograde, you'll be happy to know that the trickster planet goes direct on September 15, 2023.

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